Our Solution

Rest Assured Technologies helps dentists save lives.

Rest Assured is dedicated to assisting dentists in implementing dental sleep medicine in their practice.  Rest Assured provides dentists the proven tools, education and resources to be qualified and successful in dental sleep medicine.

Dental Sleep Medicine Training

We have found one of the greatest obstacles for dentists in acting on knowledge about dental sleep medicine is just how to implement it in the office.  Rest Assured provides comprehensive training in dental sleep medicine right in your office for dentist and staff.  This is not an expensive weeklong retreat in a far city, or a webinar that leaves you with more questions.  This is hands on, clinical, practical and effective.  We work with you to first screen your staff, then patients. We help you fit 15 patients with oral appliances.  We do this so economically that your training consultations will more than cover the cost of the training.

Sleep Apnea Screening Tool

An extremely accurate online SRBD screening tool which can be used by the staff and dentist to identify which patients are at risk.  It’s easy to use and the results enable collaboration with the physician.  Soon to come: the Rest Assured App!

Network Support

Access to a network of sleep doctors and sleep labs for your at-risk patients.

Forms and Checklist

Assistance (training, checklists, and forms) in implementing dental sleep medicine into your everyday practice.  Assemble all the necessary paperwork for your practice, insurance, and collaborating with PCP and/or sleep physician.

Medical Insurance Credentialing

Treating patients for sleep apnea is covered by medical insurance, not dental insurance.  In the past this was one of the barriers for dentists in implementing dental sleep medicine.  Rest Assured will provide assistance in getting over the hurdle of medical insurance credentialing.

Medical insurance claims processing.

Naturally, dentists want to get paid for their important service to patients in dental sleep medicine.  OSA is a medical claim, so Rest Assured Technologies acts as an intermediary for dental offices in submitting insurance claims and collecting reimbursements through our affiliate.

Oral Appliances

High quality, effective oral appliances through our affiliated lab.

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